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To render excellent service to our clients, candidates and employees with superior service, honesty, ethics and professionalism. Establish as the first choice for outsourcing and recruitment. Develop markets worldwide with an in-depth and long-term approach, maintaining at each step the highest ethical standards. Ensure the maximum customer satisfaction and build long term relationship with the customer.

To be the world most Respected,Preferred and Trusted Human Resource solution provider who sets new standards of excellence in the industry and also inspires others to implement solutions to the environmental crisis. To contribute perpetually to the best of our Abilities & Resources in developing Human Resources with honesty, ethics and Professionalism.

Our mission is “To be the preferred and trusted recruitment partner for our clients and candidates. We will deliver a quality, responsive, flexible and professional recruitment solution to our clients, and consistently provide our candidates with enhanced long-term employment and career opportunities.”

To suffice clients needs promptly, have exceptional manpower always available, economic recovery and serve the business partners and employees in perfect balance. We are known for our manpower, our expeditious approach and understanding of your requirement. Thus here we stand - experienced and enduring.

  • Develop and continuously improve strategic relationships with customers, vendors and partner.
  • We conduct ourselves at all time with the highest degree of business ethics, social conscience, and environmental awareness.
  • We recognize the value of the diverse skills and abilities of our people worldwide and encourage and support them to maximize the potential in their personnel and professional development.

CEO Write Up

As a company, we believe in people power. I feel that employees are the most valuable asset of any company and they need to be selected, maintained and retained by employing best available resources in any organization.

After spending decades in the industry and Academics I took a decision 10 years back to create a world- class organization to support professional companies in selecting the most important asset by employing best resources in the market.

It requires good infrastructure, professionalism, a well-integrated system and world-class technology to partner with companies and candidates. Which is why we are committed towards regularly investing in and upgrading the aforementioned resources.

Me and my team of professional staff are dedicated towards servicing our valuable clients and candidates, and helping them meet each other's requirements and goals - short-term and long-term.

Our Commitment

We have broken down the traditional recruitment model to allow our people to focus on your needs. Our sourcing and our engagement specialists are passionate about supporting your #whatsnext.

We don’t promise to always put you forward for every job. We won’t offer you the world. Sometimes, we may even have a different perspective to you. So, if we don’t submit you for a particular role, you know that it’s because we may see things which you don’t. When we do put you forward, we really do believe in your chances of success. No more making up the numbers on shortlists. Just the knowledge that you are in touching distance of securing a great position.

Our Office And Infrastructure

To aid the smooth process of recruitment, we are well equip with right infrastructures and the atmosphere. We are located right in front of the main road in posh locality.(Near Iskon Temple) Bagdogra International Airport is just 18 km away from our office and NJP (New Jalpaiguri Railway station is just 9km away from our office

Tenzing Norgay Bus Terminus   the main bus terminus is just 4km from our office.

We have a spacious 3000 Sq.ft. fully equipped work area office. with air-conditioned cabins to conduct interviews ,equipped with Computers, Intercom, Copier Machine, Secretarial Assistance and Transportation for Client.

  • Powerpack generator installed to ensure uninterrupted Power supply.
  • Elite Interview cabins and conference rooms for client’s with fax, phone etc.
  • Security surveillance cameras are installed in all the sections to monitor the activities of the candidates during the interview.

We have large Data-bank with profiles of almost all the candidates belonging to various skills such as managers, professionals, skilled, semiskilled & the Unskilled. We also have strong network of co-Agent, Headhunters and freelancers to supply the best talented Manpower for your esteemed organization in the minimum possible time

Ethics & Corporate Governance

Personal integrity and legal compliance are essential to our operation as a global collective. Through our words and actions, we inspire trust and foster an ethical culture where every individual can thrive. We have a history of strong corporate governance, and we're committed to governance policies and practices that benefit our company and its shareholders.

Social Responsibility

Giving Back to our Communities We have a long-standing commitment to social responsibility.

Our drive to make a difference in society does not end with our work with clients. We believe our firm has an opportunity, and a responsibility, to use our knowledge and our capabilities to help address the world’s most pressing social issues. Our approach to social responsibility includes empowering our offices and people to give back to their communities, founding and supporting nonprofits to tackle social challenges on a global scale, and ensuring that we run our firm in a way that addresses environmental risks and social issues.

Your new job starts right here

Hey, you deserve a chance to find a good job. To work on your terms. To better your situation. To be appreciated. To be a provider. Now, maybe you've tried staffing agencies before. But this is different. We have thousands of jobs across the country. And you just need one good one. So, what are you waiting for? Find it today and get to work!

Assisted Career Guidance

Future Vision Consultancy enjoys the trust of millions of job seekers and students who have received our recruiters/admission assistance and guidance in their endeavour for overseas/domestic recruitment and education. Our team are trained to take a proactive approach in identifying prospective candidates and provide suitable services to them. A prior appointment with our team will allow him or her to spend some time with you and provide useful tips on how to plan your career and future.

Our Expertise

Future Vision, since the last 8 years has a track record of providing world class recruitment and admission for all their clients in India and abroad. We specialise in providing manpower recruitment services in Gulf Countries wherein candidates are handpicked by our Recruitment Managers. We at Future Vision believe that recruitment is not the end solution to our task. With our protract experience and our in depth understanding of international recruitment procedures, we provide end to end solutions which bridges the gap between the employer and the employee, bringing them together. Our expertise lies in providing placement opportunities for job seekers throughout the world. This extends to fulfilling the candidates immigration rules set forth by both country's governments. That's not all we play a crucial role by helping the candidates relocate, providing them all the required travel related information about their new employer, their location and the kind of lifestyle they need to adapt to when they travel to the specified country.

Management system of the organization is “Providing International Recruitment Services of Professionals, Technicians, Skilled, Semiskilled & Unskilled Manpower and Skill”.

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